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Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

Series: Beautiful #3

Publication: July 1, 2014



To clarify:

This is a companion novel to Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. If you didn't know, Walking Disaster is the same story as Beautiful Disaster, but from Travis' (the male love-interest) perspective.

Beautiful Oblivion follows Travis' brother Trent and his love story with a new character, Cami. This story also takes place during the same time line as BD and WD, so we see a little bit of Travis and Abby. You don't necessarily have to read BD and WD to read BO, but it is recommended because if you don't you will miss a lot of details in BO.

Now on to the summary.


Cami is an independent girl who bar tends at The Red while also going to college. She has a long distance boyfriend, TJ, who is supposed to visit her one weekend. That is, until TJ cancels last minute. Now she's left with of free weekend, and decides to go to The Red to hang out and in walks Trent. Trent and Cami went to school together for a while, but never were more than acquaintances. Trent and his brothers, the Maddox brothers, are known for the trouble they get into. They start a lot of fights and go home with a lot of girls. Cami thinks she can keep things platonic when Trent takes an interest in her, but little does she realize, once a Maddox brother falls in love, it's forever. This leads to a tumultuous relationship full of drama, and Cami has a secret that could ruin everything.


I love Jamie McGuire's writing and I quite enjoyed Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, so I had high hopes for this book. I wasn't really disappointed. Trent is a wonderful love interest and gives Travis a run for his money. I love how sweet Trent is, but he is also extremely tough and protective. He didn't seem as irrational and impulsive as Travis. I am happy there are differences between the two and Trent stood out as a character. 

Cami is also great. She has a smart mouth and curses like a sailor, but you can't help but like her. She definitely reminds me of the character Deb on the TV show Dexter. She is fiercely independent and strong. She goes through some development in the story which was nice to see. She also has a messed up family and I enjoyed seeing her work through her problems, especially with Trent's help.

Trent and Cami's relationship is addicting to read about. They have fantastic chemistry. It was hard at times to enjoy because of TJ in the background, but Cami works that out. They were definitely on the line of cheating, but I think it's handled well. Seeing these characters grow and their relationship form was special. 


Now, let's talk about why I didn't give this book a higher rating. At times it was hard for me to take the story seriously. I'm just going to say one word and if you have read it, you will understand.. Babydoll. That was so silly to me and made it hard for me to get into the story. 

My main problem was THE ENDING. No spoilers.. I promise, but the ending was just so frustrating. The whole story is building up to figuring out Cami's secret, and we don't find out until the last page. I was upset that we don't get to see the fallout or consequences. I understand wanting to leave the reader wanting more, but that was a bit much. 

Also, Cami's secret is a big deal, but she was so over-dramatic about it. She said that if Trent found out "he would leave and never look back", which is so ridiculous. The entire ordeal about the secret was very over-done. I think it's a good twist, I just wished it was handled differently.


So, if you have read Beautiful Disaster or Walking Disaster, I say go ahead and read this. It's worth it for Trent. The love story is great. I just can't get over the ending. Also, if you do read this book and are confused by the ending, go re-read the epilogue to Walking Disaster, it definitely helps!