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The Blood of the Dragon by Justin Glennon

The Blood of the Dragon - Justin Glennon

Series: The Blood of the Dragon #1

Publication: October 10, 2013 by Firefly & Wisp Books



Aidan is the Dragon Child, although he has grown up unaware of this fact. That is until the elfish woman, Vizas, who has dedicated her life to protecting the Dragon Child bloodline, comes along. Vizas explains to Aidan that Vakeel, the ancient dark beast, is hunting him down and destroying the world in its wake. Aidan must go on a treacherous journey to find the one weapon that can help him fight Vakeel. Thankfully, Aidan has some companions to join him on this journey, including Vizas, Liegar (Aidan's adoptive brother who is Leokin, part lion and part man), and Skylet (a human woman). On this journey they all encounter perilous tasks, but ultimately they learn to have hope in the face of defeat and to help each other overcome their fears and their pasts.


This book took me on a beautifully dangerous adventure. The main thing I love about it, is that it is really told like a story. It is told from Vizas' perspective, who is like hundreds of years old, so we get a great insight into the world and it's history. Vizas is a wonderful story-teller and makes the adventure seem very real.

This story is full of imaginative settings and characters. I also enjoyed that it goes in depth with the history and explanations of the world. There are many different creatures and magical elements, and those aspects are clearly explained, but without being boring.


The strongest point of this novel is the richness of the world and characters. 

The world is very surreal and it's built in a beautiful way. The descriptions are on point and make the scenes easy to imagine.

Now, let's talk about the characters. I love that they are so strong and they have soul. Each is likable and has a distinct personality with their own personal strengths, weaknesses, and histories. The reader gets to know each one individually and it is great seeing the bonds and relationships they form.  


This book is not necessarily plot-driven. It's more about seeing the journey unfold and the story of it. There are no insane twists and I wasn't on the edge of my seat the whole time, but that is okay because the story takes its time and is well thought out. Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome action scenes that are really intense! 

With that said, at times I did feel like it dragged. I, personally, am usually not a huge fan of books where the characters are traveling the entire time, so that is probably the reason for me feeling that way.


I definitely loved the experience of reading this book. The characters stole my heart, especially the with the romance. I think both the world and the characters are unforgettable. I am highly anticipating the sequel.


Overall, this is a solid YA epic fantasy that has an imaginative and rich world with strong characters, and it truly focuses on the importance of telling a good story.


* I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own *