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Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

I absolutely adored everything about this book. There is hardly ever a time when I say this about a book. I really cannot find anything that I didn't like!


Emily and Sloane have been best friends for a few years and they planned out an amazing summer this year. Emily cannot wait for all of the adventures in store with Sloane, when all of a sudden, Sloane disappears. She leaves no note, and will not answer her phone. Emily is very upset, but then she receives a list in the mail from Sloane of 13 things to do this summer. That list includes things like, go skinny dipping, kiss a stranger, and ride a horse. Emily becomes determined to complete this list in hopes that it will lead her back to Sloane. 


I loved going on this journey with Emily. She started out very dependent on Sloane, but throughout the book she grows so much and becomes more independent. It was a blast reading about Emily doing all of these crazy and fun things, and also about the new people she befriended along the way, possibly including a very cute boy named Frank.


Morgan Matson's writing drew me in and I was captivated. Her writing style is very easy to read, but it also has so much depth and underlying beauty to it.  She has a way of making a story and characters come to life. 


There are flash-backs and sometimes these can be a hit or miss with me in books. In this book, I loved them! I felt like they added so much to the story and they were fun to read.


The mystery aspect of missing-Sloane didn't play a HUGE role in the story, but it was also very intriguing figuring out where she was and reading about Emily discovering things about Sloane she never knew. I would say, however, that this story focuses more on Emily and her self-discovery, along with friendship.


I love how the plot played out and I felt so emotionally attached to the characters. I would definitely re-read this story again and again. 


Highly recommend to contemporary lovers! It's the perfect summer read <3