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Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Burn for Burn - Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian

I enjoyed this book so much!


The writing style is so easy to read, and I had such a hard time putting it down!


This is the story of three unlikely friends who all want to get revenge on different people. They come up with all kinds of ideas and plans, and as the story goes along we get to see how these plans play out.


I really like how we get to see the backgrounds of each girl. The story goes pretty in depth for each girl. That aspect definitely gives the relationships between all of the characters more complexity. There is also a lot of mystery surrounding one girl and her background. I just felt like the suspense really kept my interest and I had to see what was going to happen!


I thought I would find the characters annoying, but I didn't. Well, the ones that were supposed to be annoying bothered me...

I really liked the main characters, though. I think my favorite is Kat. She is so spunky and does not really care what people think.


I think some of the plot points were predictable, but also many weren't! I really like how the story ended up and I cannot wait to read the next one! I am also very interested to see how the little twist at the end plays out...