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Ruins by Dan Wells

Ruins - Dan Wells

This is a pretty decent conclusion.
The series brings up many questions and mysteries and I feel like almost all of them were answered and explained. However, there are some aspects that I'm still fuzzy on.
I liked how everything wrapped up and I am happy with the ending. This series focuses more on the question "what does it mean to be human?" and deals with morality and approaches many situations from a psychological view. There are definitely heavy themes introduced and I enjoyed how those tie in with an insane plot.
There are some crazy developments in this book that really surprised me! However, I feel the series got repetitive and monotonous with strategizing, running, and trying to figure out how to save everyone. I did get bored at times, but the plot developments ultimately kept my interest.
I really loved the main character Kira, although she did get annoying at times, I liked how she stayed true to her morals. Most of the other side characters I didn't feel very strongly about, but enjoyed their presence.
The romance in this book is a miss for me, I just didn't really care about it.
Overall, it's a good conclusion to a crazy series full of action, plot twists, science, and questions about humanity.