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I am a 20 year-old college student majoring in Biochemistry, who loves to read and make book-related videos on my YouTube channel. :)


House - Frank Peretti
This was a very strange book.. haha. It was definitely very scary and thrilling. If you want to be thoroughly creeped out then you might want to consider reading this. As far as plot goes, it kept a pretty fast pace, but got sort of dull towards the middle. I was like "okay.. can we just get on with it already, I want to know how this thing ends." The ending was very surprising, in a good way to me. I don't think everyone would like the ending, but I didn't mind it. As a warning it takes a religious turn and really goes into good vs. evil and light vs. dark.

Reasons for the semi-low rating:
-I didn't care whether the characters lived or died
-The story went a little overboard in the supernatural aspect
-The plot really slowed in the middle

I would recommend if you like psychological thriller movies, or if you want an interesting Halloween read that will give you the creeps and keep you guessing!