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Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi LOVE LOVE LOVE

This book stole my heart. I'm torn in like a million different ways!!! Adam .. Warner ... I don't know what to think! I'm going to have to move to Team Warner though.. I can't help it, he's just so complex and intense and oddly vulnerable!

Anyway, I enjoyed this book waayy more than the first one. The characters were phenomenal. Kenji is hilarious, Anderson is so perfectly evil, and Castle is.. well he's Castle haha. Adam was not all there for me, he was just so pitiful the entire time. Juliette had her "okay-time-to-get-over-youself" moments, but I felt they were necessary for her character development. She ended up being pretty awesome.

The writing took a bit to get used to. At first I was feeling like it was a bit overboard and flowery, but once I got into it, it totally flowed. I CANNOT wait for the next book!!!!

You must read this now if you have read Shatter Me. You will not regret it!