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Transparent - Natalie Whipple *3.5*

The synopsis for this story is slightly misleading. Although it is partially Sci-fi because many humans now have these weird abilities, I would actually consider this more contemporary (aside from the superhuman bit). It deals more with Fiona trying to accept herself and learn who she is without being under her father's control. So, it isn't exactly this gritty tale of a superhuman girl trying to outrun her drug lord father. Fiona starts a new highschool and majority of the book is about her making new friends and love drama. At times, I even forgot she was invisible.

With that said, I did really enjoy Fiona's character, she was funny and it was neat to see her grow throughout the book and really learn to accept her powers. I also didn't mind the love aspect. At the beginning it did hint at love triangle territory, but then it redeemed itself. I liked the love interest and especially the twist that went along with their relationship. I felt the side characters were hilarious and had a lot of personality, I loved Miles and Bea and 'The Pack'. The side characters added spunk to the story.

But the plot and development fell a little flat. I liked the characters and they were entertaining, but I never really felt too attached to them. Other than that, there weren't too many specific things that annoyed me, just overall it needed more depth.

It's a light, cute, quick read and it really got me thinking about what it would be like to be invisible and all of the emotional effects that would accompany it. This story just did not leave a great impact on me.