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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout *4.5*

Overall highly enjoyed it, there were just a couple aspects that held me back from giving it 5 stars..

This one is just different from the rest of the series. I felt that some things changed and some characters changed, but it's hard to explain ... Haha

Daemon and Katy's relationship is also a little different, which I didn't mind so much. I still thought it was very addicting to read about, but it wasn't as innocently beautiful as before. I guess all of the threats of not knowing what tomorrow will hold, forced them to take a more intense approach to their relationship. Also, their random decision the do something (if you've read it you know) was a little off putting and I can't decide if I like it or not.There were still many cute and heart-swelling moments between them though. I think the addition of Daemon's perspective was also a factor in the different feel to the relationship. I'm not sure if his perspective was really necessary.. As much as I love him.. I'm not sure if it really worked for the story.

Anyway, I enjoyed all of the action and the twists involving the government, I also loved Archers character!!! Although.. Some parts in the beginning were a little disturbing and hard to read at times. The ending was ...

Wow. I'm a little torn over it. Half of me is like "Ah! That was entertaining, stressful, and unexpected" and then the rational side of me says " that was kinda stupid and rash.. Why? How is this going to work out.." So, I think the justification of the ending will depend on how everything plays out in the next one.. Also I wasn't too happy with the deaths.. Too many.

Overall I really loved all of the new plot developments and I can't help but still love Daemon and Katy especially after everything they've been through.. This is definitely an entertaining read!