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Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen *4.5*

Okay, so I think I'm obsessed with fantasy now!
LOOVEEDDD this book!!
All of the family and relationship drama was so entertaining. I really loved how it switched POVs. I definitely never got bored! The writing was fast-paced even when nothing super exciting was going on. I really liked the characters, they are so fun and interesting. I adored the setting as well.

If you haven't read much fantasy (like me), I highly recommend this! It's not too out there, mostly it reads like historical fiction, just in a made up world. I loved the magical elements though and found them to be super interesting. I hope they are explained and developed more in the next book.

I didn't give this 5 stars because I found it to be pretty predictable. Things that were supposed to shock me, didn't, because I saw them coming form a mile away. With that said, there were a couple of surprises, especially in the end.

Such a fun and fast-paced read!