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Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies  - Kiersten White This is a great sequel to Mind Games.
Perfect Lies keeps up the fast-paced and twisted plot of the first book.

I still loved the two main characters, Fia and Annie. I really enjoyed seeing Annie develop and gain some confidence and strength. Fia's struggle with knowing the true difference between right and wrong is as intriguing as ever.
The most unique aspect of this book is the way it is told. There are two POVs, similar to Mind Games, but they are on two different time lines. We see from Annie's perspective and also from Fia's, but Annie's perspective takes place before Fia's. So we are constantly changing time periods. It made for a slightly confusing story, but by the end everything comes together. It's definitely an interesting way to keep the plot entertaining and keep the reader on their toes.
Each chapter is labeled with who's perspective we are reading from and then a number of months, days, or hours "before". The reader does not know what "before" is referring to. Before what? Therefore, the reader knows the story is building to something big. This keeps the anticipation high and made me want to continue reading so I could figure everything out.
There is a romance. Both on Annie's side and Fia's. They do not take over the plot, and I don't think either is very substantial. They are fun to read about, but mostly just help to thicken the plot.
I really think it is a solid sequel that's even crazier than the first!

Thank you to Edelweiss & HarperTeen for allowing me to read an eARC copy of this book. I was allowed to read this book in return for an honest review.