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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray This is a very weird book.. haha
It took some getting used to, with the writing style and all. It is definitely heavy on the satire, which was funny at points, but I guess it's not really my type of humor. I didn't enjoy this book at first, but after the half-way point, I started to like the characters more. I did like the last half of the book and the ending. I like the messages and themes that it presented as well. There is also a lot of commentary on consumerism, feminism, sexuality, and media. This is definitely a book that could be analyzed for its deeper meaning.
I did laugh out loud at some points, especially once I got to know the characters more and their personalities.
I think this book would be more enjoyable as an audiobook because it would make the writing style come to life.
Overall, this is a unique book and if you really like satire, I would recommend it :)