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I am a 20 year-old college student majoring in Biochemistry, who loves to read and make book-related videos on my YouTube channel. :)


Fragments - Dan Wells I really wanted to love this one as much as I loved the first, but it was just sooo long!
I feel like it drags at parts, there are unnecessary scenes, and it could have been 100 pages shorter. However, there are so many cool plot developments and we get a lot of answers!! I really loved the ending and I flew through the last 50 pages like they were nothing.
I am confused on Marcus' character and the relationship between him and Kira.. along with other relationships that develop. I'm not really feeling the romance story line here. I do love Kira, and she is really the only character I connect with.
There is a lot of traveling and a lot of walking in this book, and I'm not a fan of books where characters are on a journey for the whole time. I think that's another reason why I didn't enjoy it as much.
In this book we get different POVs which I liked at times and other times I didn't care so much. Also we get A TON of information in this book, and I feel like it comes in spurts. I got confused at points and felt overwhelmed at times. It all makes a little more sense at the end once it's been discussed a couple of times, but the science aspects are very intricate and complex. I love the science stuff, but I think it's a bit much at some points.
All in all, learning more information about how this world ended and about these 'Partial' creatures that humans created was so much fun! It did feel inconsistent, it would be slow for a hundred pages and then crazy revelations would happen and a ton of important information would be dropped in 20 pages. I wish the pacing was better and maybe the characters (aside from Kira) more developed, but as far as the plot and world goes, it's sooo good!