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Life on the Edge (Edge, #1)

Life on the Edge (Edge, #1) - Jennifer Comeaux **3.5**

This was an entertaining light read that I did enjoy especially because I don't normally read books about sports and it was nice to try something new. I've always been interested in ice skating, so this gave me a look into what it is really like and I liked seeing it from the athletes point of view.

The romance: Okay, here lies some problems. The smooth talking love interest, Sergei, was very likable. I thought he was cute and I did want him and Emily to be together. The problem was the author kept saying that they were in love and how much the love each other, but I didn't really feel it. Sergei and Emily definitely acted like they were in love, but for some reason I just didn't feel the desire that she kept talking about.

Pacing: The pacing also had some issues. I felt it was a little jumpy. At some points the story was very in the moment and sort of a day by day narrative, but then it would jump to a couple months later and it was a little confusing at times. It would be slow paced then all of a sudden fast. It didn't really feel like it flowed very well.

Characters: I thought Emily was a bit boring at first, but she became more developed throughout the story, so if you read it give her a chance. I just didn't really believe her feelings towards Sergei and her emotions in the relationship seemed somewhat forced. I liked Sergei a lot and I felt he was more believable of a character. I also loved Chris, Emily's skating partner, he was very cute!

This story really shined when it came to the ice skating aspects. I felt Emily's character became more real when she was ice skating. The main thing I worried about in the book was if Emily and Chris were going to make it to the Olympics or not, towards the middle and end I was not really focused on Sergei and Emily's relationship. I felt Emily had more desire towards skating than towards Sergei.

I think the biggest problem with the relationship aspect was that Sergei and Emily did not have enough quality time moments. Every time they were about to have a heart to heart conversation they got interrupted by a dramatic plot twist. There was only one time that I felt they really talked and communicated. I wish there were more scenes of them actually being able to enjoy each other's company and learn about each other.

Overall, I would recommend this to some one who is looking for a semi-dramatic contemporary. It will definitely make you want to keep reading to see what happens, but it is not exactly gripping. Also, if you are interested in ice skating definitely check this one out!

I know there are two more books in the series I believe, I will try to read the second one, but it's not going to be anytime soon.

THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jennifer Comeaux for the giveaway of the eBook copy of this, I really appreciate it. And also thank you to YA Novelties blog for hosting that giveaway!! (Go check them out!)