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Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)

Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire Gahh I don't know why I'm giving this 4 stars!! The whole time I was planning on 3, but that epilogue!!! It got to me..

So yeah, 4 stars it is, but it wasn't that great throughout the entire book.
Going into it, I was not aware that it was the same story, but told from Travis' POV, so I was surprised when I started reading. It grew on me in the beginning though. I found his POV interesting and I was excited to get back into their story again. Toward the middle it fell flat for me. Even though Travis was telling his thoughts, I still felt like I didn't understand his actions and that it seemed like it was just a 3rd person narrator telling the story. His voice lost it's umph.

Although it did pick up in the end, this definitely could not be a stand alone novel. Abby seemed like a crazy person, who didn't know what she wanted, and gave confused mixed signals to Travis. If I hadn't read Beautiful Disaster, I would not understand how they were in love. I agree with ACReads' review in that it seemed like most of the scenes just had Travis' commentary.

Also, I didn't think they spent much time being happy. When things were good, I felt it wasn't elaborated on. Travis just said "oh we were happy for a couple weeks" and then something bad happened again, and that seemed to drag on. I don't remember if that was the case in the first book, but I felt more invested in their love and I was rooting for them before.

I wish the whole book was as exciting as the epilogue, but I guess rewriting the same material makes that very difficult. This was a risky book to write, and I think it was well done in the sense that the Travis fans out there got a deeper look into Travis, but I don't think it made me understand or sympathize with his actions anymore than I did before. Since I mostly liked him in the first book, I still like him the same amount. If someone didn't like him in BD, WD isn't going to change their mind about him .