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Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Let's Get Lost - Adi Alsaid

Published July 29, 2014


This book takes you on a whirlwind of a journey!

Leila is traveling across the country to see the Northern Lights in Alaska. On her way she meets 4 very unique people. 

The first person is Hudson who is a mechanic in Mississippi. Leila takes her car into his shop to get a tune up before she really gets going on her trip. Little did they both know, they would have the night of their lives. 

Leila then travels further on and picks up a girl named Bree who is hitchhiking. Bree is a run away and together they have crazy adventures with some serious consequences.

Next, Leila meets Elliot. A high school senior trying to win over his best friend, Maribel. He is dying to get the girl just like the movies, and Leila is determined to help him.

Finally, Leila meets Sonia. Sonia's boyfriend, Sam, passed away about a year before, but she feels guilty for moving on. At the moment she meets Leila, she is about to be in Sam's sister's wedding. However, she is keeping a secret from the family that she is dating the groom's brother. When Sonia gets into a sticky situation the night before the wedding, Leila helps Sonia save the the day along with helping her overcome the guilt.


This book is told in third person, but it's also told from each character's perspective. Each character has their own section. We don't get Leila's perspective until the final section. It's almost like 5 short stories that are tied together by Leila's road trip. I think this is so creative. It made for a fast-paced story that is always changing! I think this might bother some people because you have to jump to the next character once the previous character's story is over. However, I thought it was so much fun.

The cast of characters is great and I loved learning about each one and seeing their story unfold. I really don't have a favorite, I think all of them are very developed.

I also love Adi Alsaid's writing style. He has a way of making scenes come to life. Everything felt so realistic and believable. I felt like I was sitting in Leila's passenger seat with my hair blowing in the wind and music blaring.

It was great seeing how all of these characters impacted Leila and vice versa. Leila is a very mysterious character because we don't figure her out until the end. I really ended up loving her and highly enjoyed going on this journey with her.

My only complaint is that I want more, haha! I want to know more about each character and what happened to them after their section ended. Also, the ending of the book is slightly open ended, so i would like to know what happened after that as well.

I really had a blast reading this story. I laughed and I cried right along with the characters. 

Some of it was predictable and cliche, but I was not bothered by it.

I highly recommend if you are taking a road trip to bring this book along! This book is full of adventure, fun, romance, and self-discovery.

This is definitely a summer contemporary you don't want to miss!


*I received an advance copy of this book from Harlequin Teen at BookExpo America 2014 in return for an honest review. Thank you to Harlequin for allowing me to read this book early.*