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Proxy & Guardian by Alex London

Proxy - Alex London Guardian - Alex London

These are the first two books in London's Proxy series. 

Proxy was released in 2013, while Guardian recently came out on May 29, 2014.


I think the Proxy series is a very strong dystopian, futuristic series.

It is set in a world where rich people are 'patrons' and poor people are 'proxies.' The proxies suffer punishment for the patrons. Poor people will become proxies to pay off their debt. Everyone is in massive amounts of debt. People have to be a proxy for years to pay off the debt accumulated from going to school. Basic needs for survival cause everyone debt, aside from the rich people.


Our main character Syd is a proxy for a teen named Knox. Knox isn't the nicest of patrons and never seems to learn his lesson. One night, he steals a car with a girl and gets in an accident, killing the girl. Syd is then sentenced to essentially life in prison. Syd will not endure this for his no-good patron, so he decides he is going to run away. 

The story really takes off from there!


The book is told in dual perspective between Syd and Knox. I loved both of their characters and both go through a lot of development. Knox actually grew on me a ton, and his character is really great. While Proxy is a tense thriller full of action and survival, there is still a big focus on characters. I really appreciated that and it felt well balanced.


I loved how many twists there were in this story and the action does not end with Proxy. Guardian takes the world and plot to a whole new level. Some science fiction elements get thrown in, and Guardian is a lot darker than Proxy. Proxy had its funny moments with bits of sarcasm, but stuff gets real in Guardian. 


I was fascinated with where the story went in this second installment and it definitely kept me on my toes. However, I never felt completely captivated by either of these books. While I thought the characters, world, and plot were very well-written and brilliant, I never felt super into it. When I would set these books down, I never felt an all-consuming urge to pick them back up again. Sure, I wanted to know what happened, but I wasn't dying to read them. It may have been my mindset at the time. I do admit I was not in a huge dystopian mood when I was reading these.


The main character, Syd, is also very unique and he gives an edge to the story, being that he is gay. I really liked the way the author dealt with Syd's sexuality. It wasn't the focus of the story, but it definitely made him stand out as a character. I enjoyed Syd a lot because of his personality and I also appreciated the diversity that London integrated into his character.


I do recommend this series to dystopia-lovers. There is also a bit for sci-fi and technology lovers as well. 

I'm not sure if there will be a third book. It could end with Guardian, however, I would love to have another book, I still have questions!


*I was sent both of these books from Penguin Publishing for free in return for my honest opinion.*