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The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies)

The Rise of Nine - Pittacus Lore I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better with each book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three POVs keep everything exciting and fresh. There was not any point in this book that I was bored or felt that it dragged. There is just enough action to hold your interest and keep you on edge without it getting redundant. I really liked the new characters that were introduced and also the further development of older characters. I have to say, my favorite character is Six, she is just so sassy and such a strong female character.

Also! I was worried about being confused since it's been a long time since I read the second book, but no worries! Everything is explained, and you are reminded of things that happened before to jog your memory so you can catch on quickly.

I feel like the ending of the book is going to bother a lot of people haha. It left me just kind of like "Really...". It was not bad, but it does leave you hanging and itching for the next book. I kind of enjoy cliff-hangers in a series though because they keep me wanting more.

I do have a lot of questions and concerns though:
- SAM!!!! what happened to Sam???!!!!
-Why does Pittacus Lore insist on being a character in his own book..?
-I need more information on the whole US government situation!

There were more questions raised (but I don't want to give away any spoilers), and hopefully they will get answered at some point in the series!

Great continuation of the series!