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Obsidian (A Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout This is a great paranormal romance!!

I absolutely loved Katy's character because she is so normal and relatable. The fact that she runs a book blog is awesome! I felt like I really could be friends with her and I loved her spunky attitude! At first I thought Daemon was such a jerk, but as the story progressed I fell in love!!! gah he's a fairly complex character and I couldn't help but melt every time he had a sensitive moment. I also loved Dee! She's such a great friend and a fun character.

Daemon and Katy's banter throughout the story is fabulous and hilarious. It made the tender and romantic moments all the more swoon-worthy! This book has some amazing steamy scenes and also some really beautiful ones that made me tear up!

I highly enjoyed the Sci-Fi elements with the alien aspect. They are explained well and I found the whole concept very intriguing and I'm curious to learn more! The couple of action scenes are awesome too!

The bonus material at the end from Daemon's POV is to die for and I'm so glad it is included!! It adds so much more depth and makes me love him all the more.. haha!

Highly recommend to fans of Sci-Fi and/or paranormal romance!