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Mind Games

Mind Games - Kiersten White Really enjoyed this book!
It's so fast-paced and short, it is very hard to put down!
I really loved the two main characters, Annie and Fia. They are so strong!
This book has a lot of mystery, secrets, and action. It definitely kept me on my toes. The writing style is pretty unique. It switches between past and present, which helps give some backstory and depth in a plot that's driven by action. I got confused sometimes, but overall I liked it! I also switches points of view between the two sisters. I felt each one had their own personality and the author did a great job writing them.

The only complaint I have is that the world isn't very developed and there aren't many answers to "why" questions. Why are these girls like this? Why is this school set up? Why do they have to do they have to kill people?
I'm hoping these questions are answered in the following books!