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Half Bad (The Half Life Trilogy)

Half Bad (Half Life Trilogy) - Sally Green *4.5*

I love how original and unique this book is! The writing style is so cool and I really like how the timeline is set up.

The main character Nathan is great, he is just a fighter and never gives up. He goes through some absolutely terrible things, but he always has hope and keeps control of his mind. His journey is so intriguing and interesting, I just had to keep reading to know more.

The world is also great because I felt everything is explained nicely and it's not very confusing. I like the descriptions of how the witch world is entwined with our modern world. Also, I LOVE that this novel is set in the UK, we get to visit England, Whales, and Scotland! Also, some of the language reflects that. I just think it is so cool!

This story is definitely character based and the reader is deep inside Nathan's head. The story and writing really involves the reader and at times switching to second person and using "you". It's a startling way to tell such a gritty story, but very intriguing.
It is slower and not really "super fast-paced", but towards the end there are more action-y scenes that are very gripping. However, I felt this book is really setting up for the rest of the series and really spends a lot of time on background and developent.

There are great themes introduced, mostly focusing on what it means to be "good" or "bad" and how do we make this distinction. The author does a wonderful job of making you think about these things.

Definitely worth the read! I just cannot wait to read the sequel. I just have to wait a year :(
Warning: this book gets pretty graphic with torture and some violence, so it's not for the squeamish..

Thank you to Penguin for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Video Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJwQmeQ4aPk