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I am a 20 year-old college student majoring in Biochemistry, who loves to read and make book-related videos on my YouTube channel. :)


Partials - Dan Wells This book is so much fun!!
The plot is crazy and there is so much action.
I am a Biochemistry major and I love science, and this book had a ton of science in it. There is a virus called RM that inhibits babies from living past a couple of hours, so a large portion of the book is dedicated to finding a cure for this. It goes pretty in depth with the research and specifics of the virus and I just think that's so cool :)

I did like the main character Kira, although she was annoying at points because she had to save EVERYONE, even if it was a lost cause. Sometimes I just wanted to knock her in the head. She is really smart though and I enjoyed her personality. This book isn't as much character driven as plot driven, so I don't see myself getting real attached to the characters, which is kind of a downside.

I just loved the plot developments and twists, there were points where I was just like "oh my gosh", it was awesome. There are so many mysteries and secrets in this apocalyptic world, it was so exciting figuring them all out! It literally keeps you guessing the whole time!!! I have no idea who the real enemy is.

If you like science, science fiction, or apocalyptic stories, I would highly recommend this book!